Testing / CAE

A solution is only good if it is able to deliver the desired results once it has been implemented. If you are currently taking part in the development of new and innovative product concepts, you are going to have to make sure your solutions do exactly what they should when applied. With our great range of testing services and broad knowledge, we know what is truly important. The use of real or virtual methods, components or whole vehicles, test systems or material trials allows us to find the most fitting solution and provide you with a fast, conclusive and validated answer based on real life scenarios.

Our expert knowledge, which starts with project management and simulation, covers all areas, including testing in our fully equipped test banks, in many branches and also near you.

We offer the following solutions to meet your needs:

  • Project and supplier management
  • Support in the homologation and during the accreditation process
  • Development of active systems (engine hood, airbag)
  • Sensors design
  • Components location
  • Test management and coordination in our fully equipped trial labs
  • Parts logistics
  • Definition of field trials in software (Ansa,  Generator, Cava) and hardware
  • Simulation and validation (Radios, PAM-Crash, LS-Dyna, Abaqus)
  • Deformation analysis and dot definition in the worst scenario.