The seats must contribute more and more to the well-being and comfort sensation, better ergonomics and, at the same time, they must be compact, light and affordable. The requirements we come across with modern vehicle seats go in every possible direction. In order to ensure that such requirements do not exclude one another, our seat development staff works on new concepts, with new materials and new structures.

This field, in particular, covers all aspects of concept development relating to the seats and their components. This includes metallic and mechanical developments as well as electrical components and the integration of airbag systems.

We, as the party responsible for development tasks, take care of the process, from the concept stage to the project documentation by the customer. This also includes the organisation and the approval of the prototype model. The resulting documents are then used as a base for development and for mass production.

If the idea is to control the mass production development of complete seating systems, Rücker Lypsa goes a step further. At the customer’s request, we can also take care of the seating system integration into the whole vehicle.