Interior trim

The customer’s comfort plays a key role in the development of components for the vehicle interior. It is essential to be at ease as soon as you get in the car for the first time. It is the impression made on us that clearly distinguishes one vehicle brand from the others. At Rücker Lypsa we know what to do to guarantee that the first and all-important impression is positive.

And, of course, we know that it is not simply a matter of the quality of the materials and how to use them. It goes much further and necessitates that equal weight be given to strict quality demands, functionality, ergonomics, productivity and safety. Of course, we also pay attention to cost, deadlines, product specifications, and legal requirements

From the very first stages of the project, we pay attention to aspects such as design viability, space and ergonomics testing and the elaboration of specific techniques, in order to guarantee that the interior space makes a good impression, which makes sense. In later stages, our experienced internal engineers continue this process by designing components and modules including, for instance, the dashboard or the door trim panels.

Depending on what has been agreed with regard to project responsibility, we can assume responsibility for the system suppliers management and be responsible for developing the modules, and achieving functional goals.

We offer the following solutions to meet your needs: 

  • Project management and interface
  • Benchmarking analysis or comparative studies
  • Design of prototypes and mass produced vehicles
  • Integration and functional validation
  • Creation of component specifications and guaranteeing compliance
  • Guarantee of legal requirements and internal rules
  • Data management
  • Prototype assembly and SOP support
  • Monitoring and continuous quality improvement (learning from previous experience, problem detection…)
  • Guarantee and fulfilment of product goals and objectives