Infotainment and connectivity

On the one hand, infotainment systems keep the driver informed about the vehicle condition or its surroundings. On the other hand, they serve the purpose of entertaining the passengers in the vehicle with a great diversity of connectivity with media that connect the vehicle to its surroundings, offering perfect integration of mobile and service terminals. We are dealing with one of the broadest and most innovative expanding markets in automotive development.

The connection of functions and services in the vehicle and its surroundings is constantly increasing the complexity of the requirements. In this context, we focus on development, integration and validation of components and systems inside and outside the vehicle.

Our team also identifies the technological trends in infotainment, connectivity, driver assistance and safety systems without ignoring Car2X applications.

We offer the following solutions to meet your needs:

The development of software and validation of infotainment systems, in compliance with AUTOSAR standards, such as the main units of visualisation, including interfaces for the implementation of mobility services, like for instance the eCall function.

  • Development of applications for mobility and online services
  • Release, design and control activities in the development of infotainment systems, including the connexion of the vehicle with its surroundings and integrating mobile and service terminals
  • Validation of the physical and virtual function of the components and vehicle systems, including test specifications, test drafting and test evaluation.