A high level of diversity of vehicles, personalised and function-oriented vehicles, requires an extra effort in the development: inter-domain thinking that, in turn, involve electric and electronic system engineering necessary to keep us on top of the complex field of functions innovation.

We offer the following solutions to meet your needs:

  • Global development of the EE vehicle from the strategy stage to the orientation of batch production through development, integration and validation stages
  • EE engineering: benchmarking, strategies, requirements definition, the assignment of                             functions and connexion, components and systems.
  • Supplier guidance for all EE ambits and functionality, costs, timings, quality and weight supervision throughout the whole development process
  • Tests and validation of EE systems in the lab and in prototype vehicles
  • Development, creation and integration of EE systems for exhibition cars and special vehicles, including technological support.

“Rücker Lypsa promotes a great projects school, driven by a diversified group of collaborators who contribute with added value to their projects.”