The scope of electronic systems represents a giant leap from one generation of vehicles to the next. Not only are we talking about the basic functions of the vehicle, such as interior and exterior lighting or doors control, but also about comfort functions, such as air conditioning and heating, seats, etc.

When developing control equipment, we have a sound understanding of current standards, required for the development of hardware and software. This means that we are able to respond, in a flexible way, to the client’s needs.

We offer the following solutions to meet your needs:

  • Development and validation of the electronic control equipment in relation to hardware and software from the concept stage to the point at which mass production is viable, in accordance with the AUTOSAR standard.
  • Electronics and electricity development for energy potentials of up to 100kW
  • Release, concept and control activities in the development and integration of comfort and electronic systems of the vehicle’s bodywork
  • Validation of the physical and virtual functions of components and vehicle systems, including test specification, test draft, and the evaluation of the same.
  • Developing and handling of measurement and test systems