Acoustics and comfort play a key role in modern vehicles driving experience. Only if the vehicle generates the minimum noise possible and offers vibration and driving maximum comfort will it leave the client with a lasting impression.

Our aim is to obtain sounds from the vehicle that match its character and conception, complying with the most demanding requirements.

We offer the following solutions to meet your needs: 

  • Attributes of the whole vehicle, NVH, acoustics
  • Sub-attributes which are vital for vibration and driving comfort, including structural dynamics, lightweight construction, cabriolet development, transmission and NVH propulsion system, sound engineering, NVH chassis and coordination of chassis comfort, aero-acoustics, isolation/noise damping, interior space acoustics, seating comfort and squeaking and rattling prevention.
  • Process chain, from product definition, brand engineering, concept developing, virtual functional design, engineering, testing and approval.